All the upgrades for pickaxes


Iron & gold ore will directly drop iron and gold ingots.


Iron & gold ore will drop 2 pulverised iron/gold Lapis & redstone ore will always drop 8 lapis/redstone If combined with Auto-Smelt iron/gold ore will drop 2 iron/gold ingots.


Will give you a chance that ores drop more. The effect is stackable up to 3. For every upgrade in your inventory you'll get 33% more drops.


If carried in your inventory will repair 1 damage value per 10 seconds, or if you have 2 in your inventory 2 damage per 10 seconds This only works on the pickaxe you're currently holding in your hand.


The pickaxe you're using will break less fast with these upgrades. The effect is stackable up to 3 upgrades. With 1 upgrade the pick will last around twice as long as normal, with 2 upgrades it lasts 3 times longer and with 3 it lasts 4 times longer.


With this upgrade, the block you mine will drop its block form and not the item, just like the PC enchantment. For example, breaking diamond ore will drop diamond ore and not a diamond. This upgrade only works if you DON'T have an Auto-Smelt, Pulverise, and/or Fortune upgrade in your inventory.

Efficiency Upgrade

This upgrade is (currently) very laggy, so it's disabled by default.

To enable it, you can open the script file, and change var EfficiencyUpgradeOn = 0 to var EfficiencyUpgradeOn = 1

This upgrade makes you mine blocks faster, just like the vanilla enchantment.