All the upgrades for axes


This wil cut down the tree all at once (all the wood log blocks above the one you mined, will automatically also get mined)


If you mine a log with this upgrade in your inventory, it'll drop 6 wooden planks and 1 sawdust. Also works in combination with the Chainsaw Axe Upgrade.


The axe you're using will break less fast with these upgrades. The effect is stackable up to 3 upgrades. With 1 upgrade the axe will last around twice as long as normal, with 2 upgrades it lasts 3 times longer and with 3 it lasts 4 times longer.


If carried in your inventory will repair 1 damage value per 10 seconds, or if you have 2 in your inventory 2 damage per 10 seconds This only works on the axe you're currently holding in your hand.

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